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Modest3D Designer Tutorial

Create Folder

Adjust Scene Hierarchy

Create Transform

Save Scene

Load Asset

Import Assets

Delete Transform

Modest3D Editor Tutorial

Load Models (Standalone)

Learn The Interface

Load Model to Scene

Setup Your Scene

Basic Node Creation

Creating Templates

Creating Inventory Grid

Creating Steps

Using Custom Animations

Running Nodes in Parallel

Using Branching

Exporting Lessons

Advanced Modest3D Editor Tutorial

Animate Over Curve Node

Using Loops

Creating and Changing Variables

Controlling Forks With Variables

Using Unity Plugin

Modest3D Xplorer Tutorial

Basic Slide Setup


Slide Actions

Object Interactions

Project Creation

Creating Projects

Importing Assets

Project Collaboration

Adding an Organization License

Sending and Receiving Organization invitations

Using Teams to Collaborate

Using Shared Assets

Resolving Merge Conflicts