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Leaf Change Log

Version 1.10.0


Leaf Desktop

  • Added screenshare to the in app conference widget
  • Setting to show full date and time on all messages (Settings->preferences->Timeline)
  • Setting to show 24 hour time format (Settings->preferences->Timeline)
  • Direct message sort by surname
  • Added Change Passphrase button (Security & Privacy -> Secure backup -> Change Passphrase)
  • Conference widget pinned by default
  • Default to proper homeserver
  • Remove ignore user option
  • Add slash commands support to edit message composer
  • Show user device ID in UserInfo when no device name is available
  • Update visual style of plain files sent in the room
  • Fix page up/down scrolling only half a page
  • Warn when you attempt to leave room that you are the only member of
  • New Image View improvements
  • Fix for unknown composer commands causing error
  • Navigate user to welcome page if continuing with previous session
  • Add a button to reset personal encryption state during login
  • Show drop file UI only if dragging a file
  • Resizable CallView
  • Add confirm modal when resetting cross signing from unvalidated session

Leaf Meet

  • Theme Update to Leaf Meet
  • Show full microphone names on hover
  • Ghost users removed
  • LDAP Authencation for Leaf Meet
  • Microphone check
  • Privacy policy added
  • Lobby for guest users

Version 1.8.0


  • General update to settings and UI
  • Resizable sidebar
  • Standalone NSIS installer
  • Extend jitsi to apporiate home server
  • Allow admin users to end conference outside of call
  • Fixes startup issue
  • Change the online indicator to be more visible
  • End camera connection on conference end
  • Removed conference title
  • Add conferencing calls to direct message rooms
  • Added share screen button to open browser
  • Fixed edit message to unobstruct save button
  • reset password field to empty on login attempt
  • fixes cutoff personal camera
  • fixes forgot password
  • Added button to leave all empty rooms
  • Added return to room button
  • Fixes camera remaining on when widget removed
  • Enabled windows start by default on first run
  • overhauled notifications settings UI
  • Removed ability to create public rooms
  • Removed exploring of public rooms