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Distantly Change Log

Version 1.5.0


  • Added functionality for admin to disable event sections
  • Added capability to disable chat and Q&A
  • Added ability to preview non-admin view of sponsor page
  • Fixed a bug where sending a B2B invite to someone prompted a notification from that user
  • Calendar default view is now dependent on event length
  • Added ability to click on days in calendar month view
  • Added Admin Event analytics
  • Fixed a bug where group meeting call window was too small on Macs
  • Fixed a bug where calendar marked days outside the event time incorrectly
  • Enter button now sends questions in Q&A
  • Added dynamic refresh to session and meeting details
  • Fixed a bug in B2B calendar where sender of b2b appeared available
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn’t delete profile picture during profile creation
  • Added character limit to organizer field and sponsor tiers
  • Fixed a bug where auto-complete inserted country into name and last name fields
  • Improved Q&A question likes
  • Fixed user pictures being stretched in the Q&A tab
  • Fixed text wrap in chat for emails, @mentions and links
  • Expanded session description box

Version 1.4.0


  • Added countries to profiles
  • Fixed email formatting
  • Fixed chat history bug
  • Added Q&A tab for sessions
  • Added Sponsor tier editing and deletion
  • Adjusted event invite formatting
  • Allowed group moderators to enter meetings before start time
  • Fixed organization Logo updating
  • Increased event description to 3500
  • Renamed Event information to Event Details
  • Changed B2B initial sort to sort by company name
  • Modified the invitations page to show 10 entries at a time

Version 1.3.0


  • Global collaterals
  • Booth collaterals
  • Reworked direct message notifications
  • Fixed file download extension issues
  • Expanded chat file limit to 50 mb
  • Improved chat loading
  • Expanded booth video limit to 200mb
  • Removed image requirement for sessions.
  • Added rich text editor to event descriptions
  • Rephrased email wording to avoid the spam filter
  • Added ability to toggle sponsors in the banner
  • Fixed a bug where event coordinators where getting multiple copies of emails for accepted invites
  • Fixed a bug where the meeting creator was getting a redundant invite