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Launching Executables From the Hologate

The hologate is the VR file explorer for your lessons. It will take a few steps to set them up.

The Modest3D Hologate has two sections one for displaying Xplorer lessons and the other for displaying Editor lessons.

Displaying Xplorer lessons

Setting up your Xplorer lessons in the hologate is easy !

First navigate to the root folder of your project. You can do this through the portal by clicking the dropdown menu on your project and choosing Show Folder.

In the root folder drag the lesson files you wish to display, to the ExplorerLesson Folder.

Now enter the hologate by clicking the project in the portal and navigating to the Xplorer tab. In the Xplorer dropdown menu choose Open Hologate.

Under the big Xplorer X you will see your lessons displayed from right to left.

To change the picture that is displayed with each lesson simply drag the image into the ExplorerLesson folder and rename it the same name as lesson.

Now when you relaunch the hologate you should see the the image displayed for the lesson.

You can now launch your lessons through the Hologate

Displaying Editor Lessons

Navigate to the root of your project. As shown above you can easily do this through the portal.

Create a new text file in this root folder named EditorLesson.txt.

Here is an example of a text file that would link three editor lessons to the hologate. You can add up to five lessons. The text before the colon will be the title of the lesson and the text after the colon surrounded by quotation marks will be the file path to your executable lesson file.

Lesson1:"C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Modest Tree\Projects\Lesson1\Modest3dPlayerExport.exe"
Lessson2:"C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Modest Tree\Projects\Lesson2\Modest3dPlayerExport.exe"
Lesson3:"C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Modest Tree\Projects\Lesson3\Modest3dPlayerExport.exe"