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Lesson Tab


Text color

Changes the color of the text used for labels.

Background color

Changes the background color of the text used for 2D labels.

Line color

Changes the color of the line connecting the label and the object.


Preset Skyboxes

The Xplorer comes with a number of preset skyboxes to use. You can also create simple gradient skyboxes through using the options other than Preset & External Skybox.

Importing Skyboxes

You can also import your own skybox. You can either import a panorama image to use, or individual images to display on each side of the skybox. After importing a custom skybox, it will show up under the “Preset & External Skybox” drop down menu.

To import individual images as a "box" skybox, click "Import Skybox" in the Lesson tab, then click on a face of the box that appears to select the image you wish to use for that face.

Supported filetypes: .jpg, .jpeg, .png


Controls the brightness of the scene. 1 is the default. Turning this up will make the objects in the scene appear brighter.


Controls the fog in the scene. Fog is set to off by default. The fog's Color, near and far distance, and density can all be controlled from here.