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Name Description Icon
Camera Modes Allows you to switch between basic and advanced camera modes.
Undo/Redo Allows you to undo and redo actions.


See States for more details.

Name Description Icon
New State Allows you to add a new state to the lesson.
Delete State Allows you to delete a state from your lesson.
Reset State Resets model to its original state.
Duplicate State Creates a new state that is a copy of the current state.


See visibility for more details.

Name Description Icon
Hide All Hides all but the selected object.
Toggle Visibility Toggles visibility of selected objects.
Focus Focuses on the selected object in the viewport.


See Effects for more details.

Name Description Icon
Remove All Removes all effects applied to the currently selected state.
X-Ray Enables the X-Ray effect.
Solid Color Sets solid color of selected object to selected effect color.
Effect Color Sets the color of the effect.
Highlight Enables the highlight effect on the selected object


See Hit Points for more details.

Name Description Icon
Hit Point Toggles the hit point tool.
3D label A hitpoint with default label settings