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You can move tabs by dragging to another part of the screen. Click on the 3 dots to open up a new tab. Press SHIFT+SPACE to toggle fullscreen for the selected tab.

Rearranging Tabs

By dragging on the top one of the tabs, you can move it to a different location on the screen.

  1. Anchor tab to the selected tab. This means you will switch between the original tab and the added tab in the same space, and can only view one of them at a time in a larger window.

  2. Splits the space the selected tab occupies. When neighbouring tabs are resized, the split tabs will maintain their proportions.

  3. Docks tab on the edge of the selected tab. Docked tabs will not move when other tabs are resized.

  4. Pins tab to the edge of the screen. Clicking on the tab opens it up, and clicking it again or clicking anywhere else hides it again.

  5. Docks tab to the edge of the screen.