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Navigating the 3D Scene

## Camera Modes ### Basic
  • Left mouse to turn (pivot set in 3d space away from camera)
  • Right mouse to pan
  • Scroll to zoom


  • Right mouse to turn (pivot set on the camera)
  • Hold right mouse and use arrow keys to move camera.
  • Middle mouse button to pan
  • Scroll to zoom


You can also move the camera around the scene by using the "focus" feature. Focus will move your camera directly to an object, and for the basic camera mode will set the focus point to the center of the object allowing you to rotate around it. To focus on an object, you can either select it and press F on your keyboard, double click the object, select it and click the magnifying glass button on the ribbon, or you can find your object in the Scene Hierarchy, right click it, and select focus.

Now that we know how to navigate the scene, we can start learning how to position our objects.