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Player UI

State List

The state list is the left panel of the Player UI. It displays all the states you have created within the Xplorer Editor. All listed states can be manually cycled through, in the order created, using the left and right arrows. The expand arrow can be clicked to show the fully expanded list of states. From there you can pick what state to change to in any order. Changing the state within the player will always set the state to its pre-defined settings, all modifications done in the player using tools (x-ray, visibility etc.) will not be saved upon state change.

From the main menu you can acess various submenus and features

State Details: Show any images, videos, or questions prepared for that state.

Modes: Access Expand, Animate, and Free mode within the player. Cycle through the quick access menu with the arrows to change modes.

AR Mode: If the device is AR compatible and AR is enabled in the lesson you can anchor the model in AR by surface tracking or image tracking.

Screenshot: Press enable to show the screenshot tool in the top right corner. Choose whether to include the Ui in the screenshot or hide it. Press the screenshot button in the top right to take a picture.

Parts List: Shows the scene hierarchy.

Settings: Camera settings, lesson selection, and quit options.

Multiplayer: Invite other players and manage the rooms players.


As a presenter of a lesson you have access to a series of tools that can enhance your prepared states. You will also have access to the various assets you applied to your states in the Editor and be able to show them at the appropriate times. You can also manage your multiplayer room and people within it.

Submenu: Most tools have an expanded menu that can be opened by clicking on the expand icon to the left of the tools list. If a selected tool has properties that can be changed such as color or line thickness they can be found in this expandable submenu.

Interact: The select tool triggers interactions with objects if there are any attached to an object or hit point.

Grab: The grab tool allows the presenter to grab and move parts of the model around.

Draw Shape: The Draw Shape tool allows the presenter to draw arrows in various colours and line thicknesses.

Free Draw: The Free Draw tool allows the presenter to draw lines in various colours and thicknesses. Like the shapes, drawings can be erased by clicking the garbage can icon in the expanded menu. Select the tool then click and drag to draw.

Group Teleport: The beacon tool is used for multiplayer. It allows the presenter to teleport all observers to the desired location in 3 configurations. In order to use the beacon, you must select one of these configurations from the expanded menu.

Beacon: The beacon tool is used for multiplayer. It allows the presenter to ping a point of interest for all observers.

Laser Pointer: The laser pointer tool allows the presenter and users to place a red highlight on a object, only one object can be affected by the laser pointer per user.

Highlight: The highlight tool allows the presenter to place a yellow highlight on objects. Unlike the laser pointer, multiple objects can be highlighted at one time.

X-Ray: The X-Ray tool allows the presenter to toggle an X-Ray effect on an object. The X-Ray effect causes an object to become slightly transparent. There are various colour tint options available for the X-Ray. Multiple objects can be X-Rayed at one time.

Color: The Color tool allows the presenter to toggle the color effect on an object. There are four color options that can be selected from the expanded menu. Multiple objects can be colored at one time.

Clear Effect: The Clear Effect tool will allow the presenter to remove any X-Ray, Color, and highlight effects off of an object if there is any.

Glow: The Glow tool will enable the presenter to apply glow effect on the selected object.

Visibility: The Visibility tool allows the presenter to make an object invisible. The undo and show all buttons in the expanded menu allow for making objects visible again.

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