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Connecting to a Server

By default, the Xplorer Player will be connected to ModestTree's public server: you can use any modest3d account registered through to login here.

Connect to Different Server

If you have a Company server of your own or with Modest Tree you can change the default server to that one. You can see which server the Player is currently connecting to in the bottom right corner of the Login screen.

  1. Click on the Settings icon on the bottom right corner to indicate the Server URL

Step 1

Step 2

  1. Now in the Settings menu, you can change the server. Type the name of your server. You can also type the whole Url in the advanced settings. URL's with Modest Tree are normally in the format (replace CompanyName with your companies name)
  2. Click Connect and login with any account made through
  3. You are now connected to the new server. All projects you have permissions to view on that server should now be visible when you press Download Projects.

Note: To re-connect to the original server you can click Reset

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