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The Teams tab allows you to edit, create and delete teams. The tab lists all current teams, showing their permissions and their description.

Creating New Teams

Click on New Teams. The Add New Team popup will show. You can then enter the name and description, and can set the new team's restrictions with the checkbox. That is, you can decide if they allowed to make changes to projects or not.

Editing Teams

By editing a team, you can choose if it has write permission for projects it's assigned to. If write permission is turned off, the team can only view and play projects, not edit them.

Viewing Team Information

On the right side you will see two tabs. These tabs are the User and Projects tab, and allow you to view and edit teams.


On this tab, the list of users that make up the team will be shown. You can assign and unassign users to the current team with the checkbox.


On this tab, the list of projects the team has access to will be shown. You can assign and unassign the team from projects using the checkbox.