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Project Dropdown

At the bottom of each project entry is a dropdown, with several actions that change depending on your context and the status of the project.

Online Actions

  • Download (only on server projects) - Allows you to download a local copy of an online project.

Local Actions

  • Show Folder (only on local projects) - Will open a window to the project's location on your computer.

  • Upload (only on local projects not yet uploaded) - Allows you to upload local, offline projects.

  • Sync (on local copies of online projects) - Sync any differences between your local version of the project, and the online version of the project.

  • Remove from List - Remove the project from the portal, but do not delete the folder.

Universal Actions

  • Clone - Allows you to create a copy of the project. In the case of an offline projects, it makes a copy of the project on your local machine. For online projects, it makes a new copy of the online project.

  • Edit - Allows you to edit the name of a project.

  • Delete - Will delete your project. Doing this to local projects will remove it only from your computer. Doing this on online projects will remove it from the server, but not your local copy if it exists.