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Overview of Portal Windows

Header Bar

The header bar of the Portal includes access to settings, messages, your current organization, and your user actions, along with window management buttons.

Name Description Icon
Settings General settings allow you to switch between light and dark theme, and your default project folder. License settings allow you to enter new standalone keys.
Messages Notify you of outstanding organization invites or other notifications.
Multiplayer Rooms Displays all available multiplayer rooms.
Active Organization Displays your active organization.
User Actions Allows you to Logout or access your user profile.

The Sidebar is on the left side of the portal, and contains most of the links to the different pages of the portal. These links are as follows:

Name Description Icon
Dashboard Here you have access to Tutorial videos and Documentation for the Modest3D Suite, along with access to free trials for the products.
Projects Here you are able to manage, add and create both your local (offline) and server (online) projects you are a part of.
Shared Assets The Shared Assets page allows interaction with and uploading of shared assets to your selected organization.
Teams The Teams page allows users to manage, join and view teams in your selected organization. Organization administrators will see all the teams in their organization, while normal users will be able to see and interact with only teams they are a part of.
Users The Users page allows users to view other users they can interact with. This includes users they share an organization with. From this page, you can check contact information for other users to help with collaboration.
Documentation Opens the Modest3D documentation site in order to find information about the Modest3D Suite.
Release Notes Opens a link to the Release Notes, allowing users to check what has changed in the current and past versions of the Modest3D Suite.
Email This page allows to you send an email to our support team about the various products. You can offer feedback, bug reports, feature requests, or get general support here.

Product List

Here you are able to download and install the latest versions of each software, along with getting updates to the current version.