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Merge Conflicts

Occasionally when syncing projects, a merge conflict will occur. A merge conflict is when the same file or group of files has been modified by multiple users. The Portal will try its best to resolve merge conflicts without your help, but this will often fail.

In order to understand what leads to a merge conflict, and how to resolve it, we will consider a simple scenario. Lets say there is a project being shared between two people, John and Katie. When working together, John replaces a texture used in a lesson with an updated version. Unbeknownst to John, Katie has changed the texture as well, and has synced her new version to the online project.

In this case, When John attempts to sync, he will encounter a merge conflict. This was caused by the fact that the texture was updated by multiple people. In order to resolve the merge conflict, John and Katie must talk about the conflict and decide which version of the texture to accept, as only one can be used.

Once a decision has been reached, John will resolve the conflict through the portal by accepting either his texture ("Keep Local Changes"), or Katie's ("Overwrite Local Changes").

More complex issues

Sometimes the interface provided by the Modest3D is too simple to easily resolve the conflict. If this is the case, it is recommended to manually use git to resolve the conflict in whatever way is best. For more information on this, read git's documentation, or contact the Modest3D team.