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Workspaces are the highest level of user management in the portal. They let you manage groups, users and projects.

From the workspace page, you can view the different workspaces you are a part of, as well as manage workspaces of which you are an owner or administrator. This can include adding and removing licenses, reassigning licenses, inviting/removing users from the workspace, viewing workspace projects, and other actions.

The amount of bandwidth along with other useful information can be found in the workspace details as well.

Workspace Details

To view an workspace's details, click on the workspace name in the Workspaces tab of the Portal. The details about the workspace's projects, users, teams, and licensing will be opened on the right.

Workspace Tabs

There are five workspace tabs that provide more specific information on the currently selected workspace.


The info tab gives you information about the selected workspace. It lists the number of users, projects, teams, and assets, as well as information about the upload and download bandwidth.


The projects tab shows you information about the projects in the selected workspace. It lists the project names in alphabetical order, along with the date it was last modified.


The users tab shows a list of the current and invited users in the selected workspace. Here you can add or remove members, and control admin permissions. Clicking on a user will bring you to their user information in the Users Tab.

Click the + button to add new members, who you can invite to the workspace either by username or by email.


The groups tab shows you a list of the groups currently in your workspace.

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