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Shared Assets

Here you are able to see all the server assets that you have created or that have been shared with you.

Adding New Assets

Navigate to the Shared Assets tab and click the Create Asset button.

The Add New Asset popup will be displayed, enter a name and description, followed by the location of the desired file. If you have a preview image of the asset you can select that file as the Preview (thumbnail). If no Preview file is selected a default image will be set.

Adding Assets to Projects

You can add Shared Assets to server projects by dragging and dropping them on the given project to the right. Shared assets can only be added to server projects using this method.

You can add Shared Assets to local projects by first downloading them using the Download button, and then importing them to the local project. See importing assets for more information.

Sharing Assets

Assets can be shared between users, allowing those users the ability to use those assets in their projects. This can be accomplished by clicking the Share button on the desired asset.

This will display the Share Asset window, where you can manage the users the asset is shared with as well as the permissions given to them.

Permissions allow/restrict a users access to certain functions of an asset. There are two different permissions that can be set when sharing an asset with another user. Permissions can be set either when selecting users, or can be changed at any time for users the asset has already been shared with by changing the permissions icon.

  • Edit: Allows users the shared user's the ability to edit asset details such as changing the asset's name, description, thumbnail, and content.

  • Read Only: Restricts the shared user's access to the asset, only allowing them the ability to download the asset to use in their projects.

Admin Users will automatically be given Edit permissions, even if the Read Only permission is explicitly set.

Editing Assets

Shared Assets can be edited by the creator or by users the asset is shared with, that have Edit permissions. To edit an asset select the edit button (pencil icon) of the asset you wish to edit under the Shared Assets page. This will bring up the Edit Asset window where you can edit the assets properties.

Downloading Assets

Downloading an asset allows users to create a local copy of that asset on their computer. This allows them to be able to use that asset in local projects. To download a Shared Asset click the download button on the desired asset.

A windows explorer window will be displayed where you can select the destination and name of the asset on the local machine.

Deleting Assets

Deleting assets is an option only available to the assets creator or users with Edit permissions. This deletes the asset from the server and from all users accounts that it was shared with, this will not delete any local (downloaded) copies of the asset. Assets can be deleted using the delete button (trash can icon) on the desired asset.

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