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Server Administrator

The Server Admin section of the Portal is only for users with administrator access.

Server admin section of the Portal contains server specific information, including server logs, list of admin users, and a list workspace creators.

Server Logs

The server logs are the main section of the server admin page. This contains information about the activity/traffic over the server. The log can be filtered by API or GIT, as well as manually refreshed by using the according buttons located near the top.


The Admins tab displays a list of all the users in the workspace. Users with administrator permissions will have a check mark beside their name and will be located at the top of the list in alphabetical order.


The settings in the settings tab contain server specific settings such as the host, port number, username, password, SSL.

Workspace Creators

This icon shows the workspace creator and contains a list of all the users in the workspace. Users with workspace creator status are listed at the top of the page in alphabetical order and have a check mark next to their name.g