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Syncing a Project

Once you have a project linked to an online version, you have the ability to sync the project. Syncing allows users to upload any changes they have made to the project on their local branch with the online version. If there are multiple users working on the same project, this allows collaboration, where each user can gain access to changes made by the other users.

What does syncing a project do?

Syncing a project does two things:

  • Download latest changes: The first step of syncing a project is to update your local project with changes made to the online version. Assuming this is successful, your project is updated with any changes made to the online project by other users.

  • Upload your changes: The second step of syncing is to upload your local changes to the online version of the project. This will allow other users to download your changes and have them applied to their local project versions.

How to sync a project

Syncing a project to a server version of that project can be accomplished fairly simply. After changes have been made to the local (downloaded) version of the project there are two ways to sync a project.

Sync Icon

The sync icon located on the project is an option to sync local changes to the server project.

Located in the drop-down menu of the project is an another option to sync changes to the server.

Complications when Syncing a Project

Occasionally when syncing projects, a merge conflict will occur. A merge conflict is when the same file or group of files has been modified by multiple users. The Portal will try its best to resolve merge conflicts without your help, but this will often require user input. For help resolving merge conflicts see here.

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