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Sharing a Project

Sharing a project can be an important aspect of the Portal. It allows you to grant other users access to sever projects. It also allows multiple users to contribute to a server project. For a project to be shareable with other users it must first be uploaded to the server, see Uploading a Project for more information.

How to Share a Project

Sharing a project with other users can be accomplished by clicking the Share button within the project details page.

This will bring up the Share Project window where you select the users you wish to share the project with, as well as set the permissions for each user. Users you wish to share the project with can be located using the search function of the Share Project window, then select the name of the user (Repeat this process for all the desired users).

Note: You will only be able to share projects with users that are part of at least one shared workspace with you. If you are not already part of a company workspace you may need to invite users to your personal workspace before trying to share projects with them.

Users that you have selected to share the project with will appear in the left side, while users the project is already shared with will appear on the right side. When finished selecting users, drafting a message, and setting permissions click the Add button.

Setting Permissions

Permissions allow/restrict a users access to certain functions of a project. There are two different permissions that can be set when sharing a project with another user. Permissions can be set either when selecting users, or can be changed at any time for users the project has already been shared with by changing the permissions icon.

  • Edit: Allows the shared user's the ability to edit project details such as add or delete assets, as well as edit, play, create, or delete lessons.

  • Read Only: Restricts the shared user's access to the project, only allowing them the ability to view the project details and play lessons available in the project.

Admin Users will automatically be given Edit permissions, even if the Read Only permission is explicitly set.

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