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Creating a Project

There are a couple ways to create a new project. You can use one of the two shortcut methods available on the dashboard page, or the usual way through the My Projects tab.

Creating a Project through "Projects"

In order to create a new project, navigate to the Projects page. Then click the Create New Project button.

A window will appear where you add project specific details, such as a title, description (optional), and thumbnail image (optional).

The project has now been created, and you can now add assets. See this article.

If you decide to share the project, you can Upload Projects.

Adding an Existing Project

You can also add existing projects to the portal. To do this, click the Add Existing Project button.

Select the folder of the existing project, and the name field will be populated automatically.

Be careful when adding folders that are already a git repository - this can lead to issues with the Portal! Contact your administrator for information on how to circumvent any issues.

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