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Types of Licenses

There are three different types of licenses that can be give to users.

Licenses can only be edited or issued by Administrator Accounts.

Standalone License

The standalone license is not tied to a specific user it is tied to a computer.

  1. Save your standalone license key into a text file.
  2. In the portal go under Settings -> Licenses and under manual activation press "Load License File"
  3. Select your license file and press open, the license should now be applied to your computer.

Online License

Online licenses are assigned to users through the workspace administrator. They are stored on the server allowing the user to use our licensed products when using different computers. They also allow the user an allotted bandwidth limit to use server functions. To activate your cloud license all you have to do is login to the Portal. Once you login as a user with a cloud license, that license will be locked to that computer until it is released by the administrator.

Offline License

Offline licenses are specific to the computer. This type of license uses a machine key to identify a valid license, it also allows the use of our products in an offline state.

  1. Open the settings menu in the Portal and look under the licenses tab.
  2. Follow the steps for manual activation.

For information on transferring projects and doing other tasks without the use of the cloud, see the Offline Operation documentation.