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Unity Export Plugin

The Unity Export Plugin can be used to convert your 3D models to an acceptable model type compatible with our software.

The Unity Export Plugin can be downloaded here

Using the Unity Export Plugin

1. Have a main root object what you want the file to be called.
2. Place all meshes you will be using inside of this.

Note: Make sure all objects are set to static for lighting.
Note: All lights need to be set to bake and bake at scene.

  1. Once the scene is in bake you need to select the Root object and drag it into the Assets Tab to create a prefab.
  2. Add the PrefabLightmapData script to the prefab into the scene.
  3. Create a folder for the cloned lightmaps to be added to.
  4. Now that the script is added go to the Assets Tab and click bake prefab lightmaps.
  5. This will connect the baked lightmaps to you prefab. Select the Root object to ensure that they were connected.
  6. Reassign the Unity Lightmaps to the prefab.
  7. Navigate to your prefab in the Assets Panel and select create a new tag from the Assets Bundle drop down menu under the Previewer.

Note: The tag must have the exact same name as the prefab.

  1. Setup the Unity Export Plugin to be able to export models. (Refer to Setup the Unity Export Plugin)
  2. Now that the tag has been set at the top of the screen, click the Modest3D tab and select Export.
  3. Select the platform for which you want to export the model for.

Note: To export builds for different platforms the plugins have to be installed into Unity for those platforms.

  1. Select the compression method for the export.
    Compressed: the model will be compressed into a smaller file size but will need to be uncompressed by our software, which can increases load times and storage usage.
    Uncompressed: the model will not be compressed and will retain original size but will increase load times and storage usage compared to a compressed export.

  2. This will export your model to an abmodel which can now be added to projects as an asset.

Setup the Unity Export Plugin

  1. First download the Unity Export Plugin from the link above.
  2. Extract the Zip file in the desired unity project.
  3. The Modest3dExporter.dll should be placed under an Editor/ directory as it is in the zip file.
  4. Mark the desired assets as assets bundles.
  5. Under the menu item Modest3d click Export Assets.
  6. Select the desired output directory. This would typically be the project directory under you are using with Modest3D Editor/Xplorer.

The steps described are also detailed in the included Readme file.