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The Ribbon

You can collapse and uncollapse the The Ribbon by using the collapse button at the top right corner.

File Menu

Name Description Icon
New Creates a new scenario within your project
Open Lesson Allows you to open a saved scenario
Save Lesson Saves your scenario
Save Lesson As Save your scenario as a new file
Export Lesson Exports Lesson to selected format
Settings Advanced camera, auto compile and refresh settings
Exit Exits the program

Home Menu

Name Description Icon
Undo Revert the last action
Redo Revert the last undo command
Complexity Change the complexity to gain access to more or less nodes
Navigation Move forward and backward between previously visited windows
Play Plays the scenario with user input
Stop Stops playing the scenario
Compile Compiles the scenario
Pause Pauses the playing scenario
Resume Resumes playing the scenario
Simulate Renders all models and populates Scene Hierarchy

Setup Menu

In order to use the icons in the setup menu the setup node must be simulated.

Name Description Icon
Add Camera Adds a Camera to setup node
Add VR Camera Adds VR Camera to setup node
Add Lights Adds a light to setup node
Add 3D Label Adds a 3D Label to setup node
Add 2D Label Adds 2D Label to setup node
Add Button Adds a button to setup node
Add Image Adds an image to setup node
Add video Adds a video to setup node
Add Inventory Grid Adds an inventory grid UI window to setup node
Add Viewport Adds a viewport to setup node
Add Step List Adds a steps list UI Window to setup node
Add Step Adds a step to setup node
Add Step Description Adds a step description UI window to setup node

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