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Storyboarder Tab

The Storyboarder Tab is where most of the work on your scenario will happen. In the Storyboarder, You will see the flow of your scenario, and can add, edit and delete [Nodes](/Editor/Nodes). Here is where you link nodes together to create the scenario. By default, the storyboarder contains a [Begin Node](/Editor/Nodes/Begin_Node) and a [Setup Node](/Editor/Nodes/Setup_Node).

Context Menu

The context menu is opened by right-clicking on an empty area in the Storyboarder. From this menu, you can choose to create most of the nodes used in Editor, ranging from loop nodes to setup nodes. The number of nodes accessible through the context menu is dependant on the complexity level you are in, which can be changed from the Home Menu.

Ribbon Icons

The Storyboarder has its own set of ribbon icons. In the top right of the storyboarder window there are four buttons for controlling your lesson: play, stop, compile, and simulate. In the top left are the navigation buttons that cycle through different storyboarders and setup nodes you've been to. These button are identical to the ones found in the The Ribbon.

There is one icon that is unique to the storyboarder tab and that is the target icon . This icon will focus on the currently executing node.

The name of the template you are in will appear in the center of the ribbon. The name of the first storyboarder is Main.

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