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Console Tab

The Console Tab is where any errors, warnings or debug messages will appear when triggered by your lesson.

Errors will appear in red and warnings will appear in yellow. Double-clicking the warning or error will focus you on the offending node.

Simple Debugging

Debug messages are displayed in grey text and are set by using the Console.Log or Write To Console nodes.

To use the Console.Log node you must be in expert mode, right-click on the storyboarder, type console.log in the search bar and select it.

To display a simple message to your console when the console.Log node is reached in your lesson, just type your message in the Message property that will show up in the properties tab after clicking on the node.

To display the value of a variable you will need to ungraph the message property by clicking the ungraph button at the far right of the property.

The property will then appear as a parameter on the node itself.

Delete the empty string argument out of the message parameter and replace it with your variable.

Note: Console.Log will convert your input to a string value before printing it to the console.

In Programmer Mode you can also use the Write To Console node it only accepts string values so you must dereference a ToString node and then dereference the Write To Console node.

Clearing the Console

To clear the messages in your console you can press the clear button in the bottom right corner of the tab. You can also clear the console during runtime by using the console.clear node.

Right-click on the storyboarder and type console, hit tab and type clear, now hit enter. You now have a console.clear node. adding this node to the line of execution will clear the console of all messages logged in the console before that point.