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Models or Objects

When models and objects are introduced in the setup node, the developer is able to position, rotate, highlight, adjust colors, control visibility, scale and rename the object. By introducing an object in the setup node, you are setting the model or object into the start position for the lesson.

Scene Model Effects

A scene model has many properties that can be modified from the setup node. Effects are the visual changes you can make to your model.

You can pick an effect type from the Effect Type dropdown menu:

  • Default: No effect will be applied to your model.
  • XRay: Show the XRay of the model.
  • Color: Sets the solid color of the model.
  • SemiTransparent: Changes the opacity of the model.
  • Glow: Emits a bright light from the object that does not shine through other objects.

To change the color used on the effects you can check the effect color checkbox and choose a color from the color picker.

You can also highlight your model by checking the is Highlighted checkbox and choose a highlight color that will be separate from the effect color. A highlighted object will always be visible through any overlaying objects.

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