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Random Range Node

In programmer mode you can use the Random Range node to generate random numbers between two values.

Right-click on the storyboarder, type Random into the search bar and press tab.

Type Range and hit enter.

The Range node has two versions, one for int values and one for float values.

Range accepts int values by default, to change its version right-click on the node, hover over change overload and choose Range(float,float).

Random Range takes two parameters Min and Max that represent the range of random values that will be generated.

The Min value will be inclusive for both versions, but the Max value will only be inclusive when using floats.

The following example uses two floats min: 0 and max: 0.5 . It could generate any decimal number between 0 (including 0) and 0.5 (including 0.5).

The following example uses two ints min: 0 and max: 5 . It could generate any integer number between 0 (including 0) and 5 (excluding 5).

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