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Parent/Children Nodes

Their are multiple methods in Editor to set a parent object or add children objects.

Add Children

The AddChildren node is used to parent multiple objects to the attached node. Add these child objects by dragging them to the slot provided. More slots can be added by clicking the “+” button on the node.

We start with 3 objects in the scene.

Drag an object from the player window to the story border, drag to bottom handle from the object down to create highlight > wait for click > Unhighlight > Animate. Enter a value in the animate node so when you hit play your selected object will animate.

Click and drag from the object again to create Add Child or Add Children.

  • Add Child - Will give you the ability to add a child to the object.
  • Add Children - Will give you the ability to add multiple children to the object.

Select Add Children, notice the + sign, this will add a child slot every time you click +. Add two slots.

Drag the other objects to the story border, either place an object into the child slot or connect the bottom handle to the Add Children argument handle.

Connect the Add Children node to the rest of the flow and hit play, if done correctly the children objects will animate along with the parent object you clicked.


Parent Node

You can use the parent node to set/change the parent of an object.

We do this by dragging the child object to the storyboarder and dereferencing the parent node from the bottom handle.

Dereference the ChangeTo node from the parent node and drag the parent object from the editor or scene hierarchy tabs into the empty parameter slot.

The cone's new parent object is now the sphere.


Unparent Node

Unparent node allows you to remove an object out of the parent. After applying the Unparent node, the object will no longer be a part of the parent and will act independently of the original parent.

Drag an object that is a child of a parent from the Edit View or Scene Hierarchy to the Storyboarder. In this case we drag the cone(a child of the sphere) to the Storyboarder.

right-click the bottom point of the cone node and choose Unparent.

Add some animation to the Parent(Sphere) after the Unparent node.

After the UnParent node we have set the parent to drop.

Play the lesson, you will see all the shapes animated at first and then after the unparent node takes place only the parent and its Box child will animate down.


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