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Input Nodes

Input nodes are the key to interactive lessons, they react to player input.

Wait For Click

Wait For Click is an action node that waits until the player clicks the scene object it is dereferenced from to progress to the next node.

This example would wait for the player to click the cone scene model before progressing along its line of execution.


Click to download the sample asset used in demonstration.

Wait For Any Click

Wait For Any Click is an Input Node that will wait for the player to click anywhere before progressing the lesson.


Wait For Key

The WaitForKey node will take a keycode as an argument and wait until that key is pressed by the user before continuing its flow of execution.

Right-click the storyboarder in programmer mode and type input in the search bar. Hit tab and type waitForKey and then hit enter.

Double-click the empty parameter slot of the WaitForKey node to auto populate the default value.

Click on the default value and select the key you want from the dropdown value menu in the properties tab.


We can also use the following input nodes for even more precision:

  • IsKeyDown: Detects if the player is holding the key down.
  • IsKeyPressed: Detects if the player has pressed the key.
  • IsKeyReleased: Detects if the player has released the key.

All of these nodes can be used by dereferencing an input node and selecting the keycode as shown above.

There are also more specific nodes available for commonly used key presses such as IsAltDown, IsShiftDown or IsLeftMousepressed you can view this list of nodes by clicking the bottom handle of an input node.

Wait For Mouse Enter & Wait For Mouse Leave

You can use the WaitForMouseEnter and WaitForMouseLeave nodes to track the players mouse position and trigger events to occur when their mouse enters into the space occupied by an object or leaves it.

For Example, you could have the object change color when the mouse hovers over the object and change back when it leaves.


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