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Fork Node

Fork will allow the user to run multiple node strings at the same time. Think of the fork node as a garden hose that will split the flow between multiple paths equally.

For each separate path, drag out a new connection from the upper right-hand handle. The above example has three paths that will run simultaneously, animating the shapes at the same time.

Fork can be manipulated to make it more versatile and controllable with the following nodes: Wait, Pause, Resume & Abort.


Wait will simply make sure that all the Fork threads have played and completed before the main line of execution continues. The scenario above is telling the Fork node to animate the objects, but not play through to the MessageBox node, until all fork paths have played and completed. Once the fork is finish then the flow of execution will continue on the main path and play the MessageBox node.

Pause, Resume & Abort

To use and properly utilize Pause, Resume & Abort, you will need to use a Variable to better control the Fork node. For more info about Variables see the Variables page. For now this is the way to do it. You will need to make sure you are in at least the advanced user complexity.

  • Right-click and type in the search bar ForkHandle.
  • Drag the bottom handle down from the ForkHandle node and choose create Variable. Name the variable as you wish, that will make the Variable declared usable down the road to represent a node, in this case we will make the variable represent the Fork node.

We have to now assign the Fork node to the declared Variable

  • Right-click the storyboarder and in the search bar of the context menu type Fork and hit enter.
  • Click the bottom handle of the Fork node and select the Save To node.
  • Right-click in the empty parameter slot in the Save To and type the name of the variable you just created in the search bar.

Any future use of the variable X is now referencing this fork node.

In the example scenario above we use Pause, Resume & Abort.

Note that Pause & Resume are on a loop so the process of Pause & Resume can repeat over and over.

Pause & Resume: The fork is being told, when the sphere is clicked Pause X when the box is clicked Resume X, where X is the fork.

Abort: The fork is being told, when the cone is clicked after its animation, to Abort the fork. In this example the fork will not be able to abort while it is paused.

Using variables will give the user better control over the Fork Node.


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