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Execution Nodes

Restart Lesson Node

When encountered, the Restart Lesson Node will restart the published lesson from the beginning again.

The scene is set with a basic string of nodes: Message Box > Highlight > Wait For Click > Unhighlight > Animate

Right-click in the Storyboarder and type Restart Lesson.

After populating the Restart Lesson Node connect it to the line of execution.

  • Save the lesson.
  • Publish the lesson by going to File Menu > publish, to create a lesson player version.
  • Go back to the Portal and select Play from dropdown menu on your lesson.

Now once the end of the lesson is reached, it will restart from the beginning.


Exit Node

After creating your lesson content, and you have published and played your lesson you will notice that you will be stuck in the player. That's where the exit node comes in.

To create an Exit node right-click in the Storyboarder. Under the misc menu, there is an option for "Exit".

The Exit node should be placed at the very end of the scenario, so when it is initiated it will exit the player browser.

Connect the Exit node, save and publish your lesson. Now when you play the lesson, after all the steps are completed the player browser will exit.


Load Lesson Node

The Load Lesson node will load up another lesson from within the same project.

It takes one parameter (string), the name of the published lesson file you wish to load.

When a user is playing through a published lesson file and encounters a load lesson node the currently playing lesson will close and the lesson specified in the load lesson node will start up.


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