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Drag Object To Object Node

DragObjectToObject is a user input node that waits for the user to drag one object onto another. This requires the two objects to both have colliders on them. If, for example, I had a bolt and I wanted to remove it by first dragging a tool from the table to the bolt I would use DragObjectToObject.

It is dreferenced from the SceneObject3D node.


  • DragOptions (List): A list of models that are draggable.
  • DropOptions (List): A list of possible models to drag to.


After saving the output of ObjectToObject to a variable you can access two properties:

  • DragObject: The object that was actually dragged by the user
  • DropObject: The object that was dragged object was actually dropped on by the user.

When using DragObjectToObject the node will only execute once so if you want to drag the object to all the dropOptions then you must put it in a loop and remove the DropObject from the list of possible Drop Options if you don't want it to be available to drop on again.

When the DragOption is dragged onto one of the DropOptions it will automatically hide itself.


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