Node Copied to Clipboard!

Node Snippets

To help familiarize you with node logic and speed up the process of learning the Editor the following pages contain a collection of useful snippets that can be copied by pressing the "Node" button and pasted right into your editor lesson.

Some of these snippets contain a begin node, this means it is a template. Create an empty template in your lesson, enter it, delete the begin node inside, and paste the node sequence.

Many of these sequences are made in a generalized way that should work out of the box, but sequences that require a model reference use our sample asset that can be downloaded above.

Use these snippets as an outline and repurpose them for your specific needs.

Modest Tree Editor is used to quickly create 3D scenarios without the need to learn coding. To get started, there are a few articles to read over. For more in depth reading, check out the articles in the sidebar.

Snippet Libraries