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Tips and Tricks

A few Tips for using the Editor more efficiently.

Auto fill Parameters

By double-clicking empty parameter slots you can auto populate the default constant value.

Quick Add Constants

You can quickly add constants to your storyboarder by right-clicking and typing the exact number or to create a string constant surround it with quotation marks and hit Shift + Enter.

Editing Properties Out of the Setup Node

You can edit any property of an object mid lesson by first dragging the object in from the scene hierarchy and clicking its bottom handle. Select any of its properties and dereference a changeTo node. Fill the changeTo parameter with the appropriate constant value and attach it to the flow of execution.

Copy and Paste Vectors

In the properties tab you can copy and paste an entire vector just by right-clicking on one of the x, y, or z boxes and selecting copy/paste.

Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl + O Open Lesson.
Ctrl + S Save Lesson.
Ctrl + N New Lesson.
F6 Export Lesson.
Shift + Space Will enlarge the currently selected tab to full screen.

The Ribbon Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
F4 Compiles the lesson.
F5 Play Lesson.
Shift + F5 Stop Lesson.

Storyboarder Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl + C Copy Selected Nodes.
Ctrl + V Paste Copied Nodes.
Ctrl + X Cut Selected Nodes.
Ctrl + A Select All.
Ctrl + Z Undo.
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo.
Alt + Left Arrow Navigate Back.
Alt + Right Arrow Navigate Forward.
CTRL + E Simulate to Selected Node.
Ctrl + R Simulate to selected node and start playing from there.
Double-Click Enter clicked node (eg. Setup node or Template) or focus on scene object it references in the editor tab.
Alt + Shift while dragging an argument, key shortut allows you to duplicate the argument.
Ctrl + Shift while dragging a node will disconnect it from the main flow of execution.
Alt while dragging a node will duplicate it.
Shift while dragging from the top or bottom node will undock them.
Ctrl while dragging out of a node handle will allow you to run the execution thread through multiple node handles.
Tab pressed with the context menu open, will select the node option you have highlighted and open another context menu to dereference that node.
Add Node Directly to Control Flow dragging a node over the flow of execution line so that your mouse is inline with it will automatically attached the node to the flow.
Right-click on Control Flow Right-Click on control flow connector to add a node directly to the control flow.
Ctrl + Right-Click Will auto dereference a node.

Setup Node Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl + D Duplicate selected row.
Ctrl + E Simulate to opened setup node.
Delete Delete selected setup node row.
F Focus on scene object for selected row.

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