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Inventory Tab

The Inventory Tab can be added via the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of any tab in Editor. It is used to store Inventory Items, which can be dragged to Inventory Grids or to the Storyboarder for use in the lesson.

Adding Inventory Items Using the Screenshot Creator

The Screenshot Creator makes adding inventory items extremely easy, with no need to import your own icons.

First simulate the lesson!

All you need to do is drag the SceneModel, you wish to make an inventory item of, from either the Editor or the SceneHierarchy tab into the Inventory tab and the Screenshot Creator will popup.

The SceneModel you dragged will be visible in the popup window where you can adjust the model the following ways:

  • Zoom in and out using the middle mouse scroll wheel
  • Change the rotation by holding the left mouse button and dragging around the window
  • Reposition the model by holding the right mouse button and dragging around the window

Name Your inventory item and choose a save location.

Your new inventory item now appears in your inventory tab and setup node.

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