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Inventory Grid Items

Inventory Grid Items are used to represent Inventory Items inside the Inventory Grid. They can be dragged from the Scene Hierarchy or Editor tabs to the Storyboarder for use in your lesson. Inventory Grid Items’ properties are editable via the Setup node from which they were created.

To create an Inventory Grid Item:

  • Enter a Setup node
  • Drag an Inventory Item from the Inventory tab to an Inventory Grid in the Editor tab. Note: to see Inventory Grids (or any other UI elements) in the Editor, ensure that the UI button in the Editor is active.
  • This creates an Inventory Grid Item, with the Count property set to 1.

You can change the initial Count of an Inventory Grid item by changing its Count property via the Properties tab. The Order property indicates the order in which Inventory Grid Items are displayed in the Inventory Grid, and is set to 1 by default. Highlight properties are also available for editing.

You can change the tile size of your inventory grid items from the tile size property of the inventory grid the item is contained in.

Inventory Grid Items are used in conjunction with the Drag To Scene and Move To Scene nodes.

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