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Drag To Scene

The Drag To Scene node allows a user to drag an Inventory Grid Item to the scene in the lesson. To create a Drag To Scene node:

Right-click on the storyboarder and type the name of the inventory grid.

Select inventory Grid name [inventory item name] (inv. item info) where inventory grid name and inventory item name are the names you have given these objects. If you have not changed the names from their defaults then it should look like the screen shot below.

Click the bottom handle of the node and select Drag To Scene.

One parameter is required to use Drag To Scene in your lesson:

  • Model: The 3D object which will be added to the scene when the Inventory Grid Item is dragged to it.

Drag the model the inventory item represents, from the Scene Hierarchy into the model parameter slot.

When the model is in the inventory it's visibility property is turned off but it remains in the same position as it was.

When a Drag To Scene node is reached during the lesson, a highlight of the object becomes visible. The user will drag the Inventory Grid Item to the highlighted location, and the model will then become visible in the scene. The highlight can be turned off or its color can also be modified via the Properties tab.

The Count property can be changed to reflect any number of items being added to the scene when the Inventory Grid Item is dragged to it. By default, it is set to 1.

Drag To Scene will show the object once it has been dragged to the scene. If the object you’re using in your lesson has child objects, and you wish to have the child objects remain hidden in the lesson, the Use Group Visible property can be set off to ensure that only the parent object is made visible.

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