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Drag To Inventory

The Drag To Inventory node allows a user to drag an object to an Inventory Grid in a lesson. To create a Drag To Inventory node, drag the bottom handle of an object node and select it from the list.

Two parameters are required to use Drag to Inventory in your lesson:

  • Inventory: Inventory is the Inventory Grid which the object will be dragged to in the lesson. To add the Inventory Grid to the Storyboarder for use in the Drag To Inventory node, drag it from the Scene tab or directly from the Editor tab.
  • Item: Item is the Inventory Item that is created from a 3D object in the scene. It can be dragged from the scene hierarchy or inventory items tab.

Note: If you receive an Invalid Parameters error in the Console:

  • Ensure that the node in the Item slot is an Inventory Item (and not a 3D object or Inventory Grid Item).
  • Simulate to the current node.

The Count property can be changed to reflect any number of items being added to the Inventory Grid when the object is dragged to it. By default, it is set to 1.

Drag To Inventory will hide the object once it has been dragged to the Inventory Grid in the lesson. If you wish to have the object remain on screen in the lesson, the Hide Object property can be set on or off.

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