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How to Assign interactivity to Scene Objects

Editor enables users to assign interactions, behaviours and create animations using nodes. By connecting nodes users create a 3D interactive scenario.

Editor uses a drag-and-drop system to assign scene objects to interactivity.

Step-by-step guide

1. Click on the scene object in the viewport. The item you are selecting will highlight. Drag the scene object to the storyboarder.

2. The object name will appear in the Storyboarder. Click on the bottom handle on the scene object Node.

3. The context menu will appear, and you can choose the Node you would like to use.

4. In this example the user selected "Wait for Click". Now the "Wait for Click" interactivity is associated with the scene object.

5. Connect the new Node created to the preceding node. It is very important to connect the node or it will not be executed.

6. Right-click on the Node created and select "Simulate to" from the drop-down menu. In this instance the scenario requires an action after the click for further interactivity.

NOTE: Scene objects can also be dragged to the Storyboarder from the scene tab.

See the Setup Node documentation for ways to change your scene setup. This includes adding lighting, adding/changing cameras, changing visibility of scene objects and creating inventories.

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