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The Skybox is the default background of Cameras created in Editor, and is only editable via the Camera’s properties. By default it is set to a blue gradient color, with a rectangular shape.

The Skybox properties available for customization include:

  • Background Color: The primary color of the Skybox. Click on the colored box to open a color picker.
  • Background Color Bottom: The secondary color of the Skybox. Click on the colored box to open a color picker.
  • Custom Skybox Type: This contains a list of possible gradient types. By default the Skybox is set to RectagularGrid, but options include SphericalSmoothGrid, SphericalFlatGrid, and SphericalInvertedFlatGrid.

Two more properties are available for editing via Expert mode:

  • Skybox Corner Strength: Depending on the Type/style of skybox chosen in Custom Skybox type, this can be modified to increase/decrease the intensity of the corners’ light. Any positive decimal value can be entered here (if set to 0 or lower, it will display black).
  • SkyBox Resolution: Dictates the intensity of the gradient in the background. A lower value is a softer gradient, a higher value is a sharper gradient. By default, it is set to 512.

Preset SkyBox

Preset skyboxes are available in Editor which can meet most circumstances when its necessary to introduce a skybox to the scene.

To choose a preset skybox we need to step into Setup node by double-clicking it.

After stepping into Setup node, select the Main Camera and make sure the Properties tab is active.

In the Properties tab, toggle the Skybox field to enable status.

Click the dropdown called BackgroundType and choose the style you prefer.

Normally, you will get the skybox effect immediately both in Edit View and Play View after your dropdown selection. If you cannot see the effect, please click the simulate button.

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