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Modes: Basic, Advanced and Expert

There are three main modes in Editor: Basic, Advanced and Expert. By default it will open in Basic mode. Users can change the mode by clicking on the dropdown bar in the complexity section of the Home Menu.

Basic Mode

Basic mode is the first mode. Editor defaults to basic mode. Basic mode allows users to do simple flow control and create simple scenarios.

Basic mode includes:

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode contains more nodes and ways to interact with nodes. Advanced mode allows more experienced users to harness more powerful properties of Editor to create complex scenarios. Advanced mode includes:

Expert Mode

Expert mode is best used by people who have experience with programming, as it contains features allowing users to harness to the fullest extent the power of Editor, but at the loss of simplicity.

Expert mode includes:

  • Complete loop control
    • Continue Loop, End Loop, While, Yield
  • Constants
    • Creation of constants of any type for use with variables and flow control
  • Generics and Delegates
  • Primitive types

Programmer Mode

Programmer mode is the most advanced version of Editor. It is not available by default, as it it too complex for users to use without extensive backgrounds in programming. To enable Programmer Mode, open up the settings windows, and type 1-3-3-7. This will create a new option under modes, called Programmer Mode. Select it to continue in Programmer mode.

Programmer Mode: What's it for?

Programmer Mode allows you to access the Engine behind Editor, and use the Editor in more ways than most users, and features considered too complex or unintuitive for an average user. Most conventions in most .NET languages are supported, such as Lists, loops, etc.

In programmer mode, the context menu is essentially useless when it comes to picking things out in the menus, because of the vast feature set. Instead, you should get acquainted with typing what you need, after right-clicking. This will search all nodes in programmer mode, allowing you to locate needed nodes with ease.

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