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Speaker Guide

Being a speaker in Distantly is not far off from being a speaker at a live conference. Once you are ready, you will be able to go live to an audience. Your stream will be saved as a video once your session is over.

Editing Sessions

As a speaker you will be able to edit the details that you are assigned as a speaker on. The only thing that you can not change is the time of your session.

To edit the details of your session:

  1. First click the Session Tab.

  2. Click Pencil icon on your session.

  3. Edit any details in the session that you like.

You can upload a pre-recorded video in advance. This can be done by dragging and dropping the video or by clicking on the video icon. By selecting the check mark you enable the video to play during the session time.

You can upload a video just in case early on and then enable/disable it with the check mark setting.

You can also change the type of the session. Speaker sessions are meant for a single speaker and panels are meant to stream panel discussions of up to 25 people.

  1. Click SAVE

Preparing for a Live Session

Click JOIN on the session tile to join the session are speaking on.

Allow permissions

Allow microphone and video camera permissions in your browser by clicking the lock or camera icon at near the beginning of the URL.

Chrome Firefox Edge

Verify audio devices

Once you allow permissions you will be able to select your audio devices by clicking the down arrow next to the Microphone icon at the bottom of the call screen.

You will see the volume level fluctuate next to the list of microphones.

Click on your microphone and speakers to select it.

You can click Test on the speakers to see if you selected the right ones. A tone will sound once you push the Test button. If you do not hear the tone, try selecting different speakers. If that doesn't work, check your device connection to the computer and your computer sound settings.


Verify video devices

Next select your camera from by clicking on the down arrow on the camera icon. You should see a video feed show up on your screen.


Sharing your screen

You can share your screen with those watching your stream.

To do so click on the screen icon in the lower left corner of the video call image.

You will be able to share:

  • Your Entire Screen
  • An application window
  • Or a Tab in your browser

Additionally you can share your audio. This will share the audio coming from your computer, such as videos playing as well as your microphone.

If you are using PowerPoint you MUST share the window that is launched when you start the presentation.

To do this correctly:

  1. First launch your presentation (by pushing F5)
  2. Then on Distantly click share window and select the window in which your presentation is playing.

Disabling Devices

You can always disable the camera and microphone by clicking on the Camera and Microphone icons.


Call settings

In the bottom left corner of the call screen you can adjust the call settings.

Going Live

To go live push the green GO LIVE button under the call screen.

Click GO LIVE again in the pop-up.

After a short delay you will see an indicator in the bottom left Starting live stream.

Once you're live a blue LIVE indicator will appear in the top right corner of the call screen.

You will also hear an audio queue "Live streaming is on".

You are now live with your audience!

For panel sessions only one person needs to hit GO LIVE.

During the session

While the session is going you will be able to chat with viewers on the right side of the screen.

Keep in mind that the participants will have a delay of about 20 seconds from the most recent point in the stream.

You will not be able to see or hear the participants watching your stream, but if you are part of a panel session you will be able to see your fellow speakers.

Click the Hand icon in the lower left corner of the screen to raise your hand. image

Questions and Answers

By clicking the Q&A tab you will be able to see any questions the audience has asked. As speaker you are able to mark questions as answered, delete any questions and like them.

Keyboard shortcuts

During the session you can take advantage of various keyboard shortcuts

To see these shortcuts while inside your session:

  1. Click on the More Actions menu in the bottom right corner of the call screen
  2. Select View shortcuts

Stopping Stream

You can stop the stream at any time, the viewers will see a message "Live streaming is paused". You will be able to resume the stream, if the session hasn't run out of time yet.

To stop the stream push the red STOP STREAMING button.

After a delay the LIVE indicator will disappear and you will hear an audio queue "Live streaming has stopped". You will no longer be visible to the audience.

Reaching the end time

If your session goes past its allotted time your stream will end and you will get a message informing you that your stream has ended. Click OK.