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Distantly Overview


Distantly is a virtual conference platform designed with business in mind. With Distantly you can host your event online, without splitting it across different websites. Distantly is purpose-built by enterprise for enterprise to equip you with the powerful features you need to support all levels of B2B engagement.


Here are some things that Distantly has to offer:

  • Speaker/Panel Session Streaming
  • Exhibitor Booths
  • B2B connections
  • Private and Public meetings
  • Direct messaging
  • Streaming videos

Let's take a look at some of these features.

Video Calling and Streaming

As with any virtual event platform, Distantly supports audio and video calling. Furthermore, Distantly supports live streaming, which allows a large audience to watch a session live.


Sessions are your virtual keynotes, discussions, talks and presentations. They can either be pre-recorded or streamed live over the internet. Pre-recorded sessions must be uploaded as videos ahead of time, while live sessions can be a video/audio call that is broadcast to a live audience. During a live session Speakers can share their screen and make use of their camera/microphone. All sessions can be set to play in the main stage.

There are 3 types of sessions in distantly: Info Sessions, Speaker Session, Panel Session.

Speaker Sessions are sessions where one person is able to stream themselves to a live audience or upload a pre-recorded video.

Panel Sessions are the same as speaker sessions, but with the ability to include up to 25 people in the discussion.

Info Sessions are special sessions without any speakers that are meant to act as breaks. These sessions can be seen in the main stage only, as videos or images.

Main Stage

The Main Stage has been created to designate a special place for the most important sessions of the event. Here you will see live sessions and pre-recorded sessions being played. Visiting the main stage is a quick way to jump into whatever main event is currently happening.


Booths allow participants to visit an organization and chat with its representatives. Some booths have informative videos or files for you to download on their page.

B2B Sessions

Distantly has a special B2B tab is meant for booking Business to Business connections. You can book a 10 minute meeting with someone after visiting their booth or by simply finding them in the B2B tab. If you don't want to be contacted you can disable this feature in your privacy settings.


Distantly is a role based platform that imitates in-person conferences. Rather than have an event ticket or badge that grants you different levels of access to the conference, in Distantly roles are assigned by the Event Admin.

Currently there are 4 Roles in Distantly, from most senior to least senior they are:

Everyone who attends the event is considered to be a Participant and will have access to at least the Participant set of privileges. To learn about what every event participant will be able to access please see the General Guide. For the sake of conciseness the role guide describe only what is specific to that role. To view the details of your role please see the side bar.

There is also a Moderator role that is specific to meetings.

Direct Messaging

During an event users can message each other on public parts of the platform such as booths, sessions and the event wide chat. Users are also able to chat 1 on 1 in private.


Users are able to create private meetings and engage in public meetings available to everyone.

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