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First Steps

Whether you are an Event Admin, Speaker, Exhibitor or Participant you will need to register to get started with Distantly.


In Distantly there are multiple ways to register with more coming soon. Currently you can register through the website or use a Google account.

Website registration

  1. Go to the Distantly website

  2. Click Register as a new user

  3. Enter a valid email and password in the fields provided. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided.

  1. Check your email.

  2. Follow the email link. This link will bring you to the profile creation page.


Google Registration

Go to the Distantly website and click the Sign in with Google button.

Follow the Google Sign in procedure. You will be brought to the Profile creation page, with your google email auto-filled in your profile.

Profile Info

On the profile creation page you are able to fill out your personal details and upload a Profile picture if you choose. The fields marked with a red asterisk are required *.

Input your first and last name as well as organization. Your email will be filled in automatically based on the one you registered with.


Privacy Setting

In distantly users can message each other directly and book 10 minute b2b session with one another. These functions can be disabled.

If you disable B2B, event participants will not be able to book b2b sessions with you and you will not appear on the B2B tab.

If you disable direct messaging, you will still appear in the messaging lists, but your name will be greyed out and other participants will not be able to message you.

To change your privacy settings:

  1. Click on the Privacy setting tab.
  2. Click on the purple sliders to turn them grey.

If you would like to set up links to your personal social media or other websites you can do that in this section. The links will be shown along with your profile description to other users. To set up external links:

  1. Click on the External links tab
  2. Enter your personal links

Organization Info

If you are the admin of your organization you will have an extra tab called Organization Info. Each organization is required to provide a logo, name and contact email. Additionally users can add a phone number, description, website and address.