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General Guide

This guide explains the basics of Distantly including different tabs and provides instructions on how to use the platform in general.

Events at a glance

The events at a glance tab, shows all of the events that you have accepted an invite to. Here you will see the event cover photo, title, and time.

Click the arrow to see the event description.

Click GO TO to visit the event.


Distantly is made of of various tabs and is primarily navigated using the sidebar on the left. You can access it by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top left if the menu is hidden.

Under the Event Name you will see separate tabs for each section of the event. To navigate the event simply click on these headings.

The invitation tab is only visible to the Event Admin.


In the DASHBOARD tab you will be able to view the agenda for today. Here event sessions will be displayed along side any of your meetings. You can click on items in your agenda to view their DETAILS or JOIN them.

Also on this page you will be able to see the list of people attending the event in the Participants tab.

From here you can click on a persons name to chat with them directly or book a 10 minute B2B session with them.

Next to the Participants you will see an event wide chat. Here you can chat with all of the other event attendees.

If you would like to chat with someone in private you can do so through direct messaging. One of the ways to chat with someone is by clicking their name in the participants list and clicking Start Chat.


In Distantly you can message people in private, if they have enabled direct messages.


To send a direct message navigate to the MESSAGING tab. There you will see a list of people in the event on the right. Click on a person's name and click START CHAT.

A filled green circle next to someone's name indicates that the user is online. image

If someone disables their direct messaging, their name will be greyed out and you will not be able to message them. image

If someone disables direct messaging your chat history with that person will remain there.

You can also book a B2B session from the Messaging tab by clicking on someone's name in the Event Participants list on the right and the clicking BOOK A SESSION

Main Stage

In the Main Stage you will see the current main session of the event. This is a quick way to catch whatever important session is currently happening.

If nothing is playing in the Main Stage it will display No current session in progress.

All session have a live chat on the right, in which you can interact with the speakers and fellow participants.


In the SESSIONS Tab you will be able to view all of the sessions scheduled for the event. To view a session simply click JOIN on the session tile. You will be able to chat with viewers and speakers in the chat on the right.

If the session has already happened, you will see a recording of the stream and the chat history. You will still be able to post in the chat.

If the session is currently happening you will see a live stream of the speakers. If the stream hasn't started yet you will see *The stream will begin shortly".

For a future session, you will not be able to join.

You can also join Sessions through the Agenda and the Calendar tabs, by clicking on the session in the schedule and then clicking JOIN on the pop-up.


While you are in a session you can ask questions by:

  1. Clicking on the q&a tab
  2. Entering your question in the text box
  3. And clicking ASK QUESTION

Your question will show up and you will be able to like it, mark it as answered or delete it.


In the GROUP MEETINGS tab you will be able to see all of the private meetings that you are a part of. Group meetings are simply group calls and aren't recorded, unlike sessions.

To create a Private Meeting that will only be visible to you and those you invite, click the NEW PRIVATE MEETING button in the top right corner. A pop-up will prompt you to enter the meeting details and set a moderator.

Only the moderator will be able to change the details of the meetings, and delete it.

The people you invite will get an email and a notification on Distantly to join your meeting.

To join the meeting click JOIN on the meeting tile.


You can also join meetings from your personal calendar.



Booths are an essential part of any conference and now you can visit them online through Distantly! To visit a booth click VISIT on the booth tile. You will be taken to the booth screen where you will be able to chat with booth hosts as well as the other people visiting.


On the bottom of the booth page you will see a list of people from the hosting organization that are available for B2B. To book a B2B session you click on the BOOK A SESSION button under their name. Below that you will see collaterals if the booth host uploaded any. To download a collateral click the DOWNLOAD button. To collect a collateral, so you can view it later in your personal library click on the PURPLE BOOKMARK.


Another way to book B2B sessions is to find people in the B2B tab. In this tab you can sort by Name, Position and Organization in alphabetical order. Or you can use the search bar by looking up any of those attributes.

For example you can search for: John Smith, Company A, HR director, etc.

Once you find the person you are looking for click BOOK A SESSION on their card. Note that you can also book a session from the booth page and other parts of the website.

After you click the book a session button a Calendar will open up, with their schedule. Select a free time slot and click book session. You will now see the session in your personal calendar with the status Pending. Once the person you invited accepts your invitations the b2b session will be confirmed and added to their calendar as well.

Be careful not to double book B2Bs. Make sure you don't have anything booked during the time you are selecting.

To join the B2B, navigate to the calendar tab. Click on the B2B and press JOIN.

You will be taken to a call with the person you scheduled the session with.

Although the session block are denoted as 10 minutes, you will be able to talk longer if you need to.


The CALENDAR tab displays your personal calendar, where you can see the event sessions that are happening as well as the private meetings you have accepted an invite to and your B2B sessions. You can filter the events in your calendar by clicking on the coloured boxes above it. You can also view the calendar by day, week, work week or month in the top right.

To navigate to the calendar click on Calendar on the bottom of the side bar. From here you will be able to join sessions, meetings, B2B sessions.



In Distantly you can collect and download collaterals (files of different types) as you attend events. When you visit a booth that has collaterals you will see them listed at the bottom of the page.

To download a collateral click the purple DOWNLOAD button. You can also collect the collateral into your personal library by pressing the BOOKMARK icon. This way you can look through them at the end of the event and decide which ones you want to download.

To access the collaterals page click on file icon image

To the left of the notification bell.

In the Collected collaterals tab you will see any collaterals that you will collected from booths.

Under my collaterals you will see any collaterals that you have uploaded.

To upload a collateral click the purple UPLOAD button. Then select the file you want to upload and click UPLOAD FILES.