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Exhibitor Guide

An exhibitor unlike the other roles is able to set up a booth and manage it.

Setting Up a Booth

  1. Navigate to the booths page.

  2. Click on the purple NEW BOOTH button in the top right. You will be prompted to fill out booth details by a pop up message.

Clicking outside the pop-up message will minimize it and your details will not be saved

  1. Fill in the title of your booth, the description, image and dedicate at least one host.

Booths are organization specific so you will only be able to pick from the list of people that have registered for the event and specified that they belong to your organization in their profile.

You can also upload a video no larger than 200 Mb, that will autoplay for people when they visit your booth.

  1. Click SAVE & NEXT.

This page displays collaterals that will be visible to those who visit your booth

  1. To upload a file from your computer click UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER

  2. To upload a file you have previously uploaded into your personal collaterals click ATTACH FROM LIBRARY.

  3. Click DONE

Once your booth is created you will see it show up in the list of booth present at the event. You can use the search bar to find it or any other booth you want.

You can only edit and delete booths you are host on.

Visiting a Booth

Once your booth is setup click VISIT.

This is your booth page. Everyone who visits your booth will show up in the participant list.

Next to the participant tab you can see the chat you can message booth attendees.

If you have uploaded a video you will see it at the top of the page.

Beneath the title and description you should see a list of people from your organization that have enabled B2B, that are part of the booth (you will not see yourself in the list).

At the bottom you will see your collaterals if you have uploaded any.