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In Distantly is is possible to add sponsors of different tiers to your virtual event.

To edit the tiers:

  1. Click on the Sponsors tab in the sidebar
  2. Click the EDIT TIERS button on the right

You will be presented with a pop-up where you can:

  • Change tier names
  • Modify tier options
  • Add new tiers
  • Delete sponsor tiers

Tier options

Show Logo in Banner enables a sponsor logo to be displayed in the banner at the top of each event tab. The banner cycle through all of the logos with this option and show 7 at once

Has Sponsor Details enables the sponsor detail page to be shown when the sponsor logo/name is clicked by a participant. The sponsor's details page will show the logo, description, contact information, booths, and any speakers/participant who are attending on the sponsors behalf

Show Only Text On Sponsor Page will make the sponsor name display on the sponsors tab, instead of the logo.

These options can be combined in any order to create your own custom sponsor tiers.

Adding a new Sponsor

To add a sponsor:

  1. Click the + NEW SPONSOR button in the top right
  2. Click the Organization drop-down menu and select the sponsor
  3. Click the Sponsor Tier drop-down menu and select the tier you would like the sponsor to appear in
  4. Click the purple ADD button

Deleting a sponsor

To delete a sponsor click the red trashcan under the Actions header.