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Setting up Group meetings

Unlike sessions, group meetings are not streamed to an audience. They are simple calls between members that can include video and/or audio. Every meeting needs a moderator assigned to it. This person could be you or anyone else, that has accepted and invite to the event.

Public Meeting

As the Event Admin you have the unique privilege of making Public meetings. These meetings will be visible to everyone in the event. Anyone can join a public meeting, therefore there will be no participants to invite. You will however need to invite a moderator. The moderator will be able to change the details of the public meeting, but will not be able to delete it.

Creating a public meeting
  1. Navigate to the GROUP MEETINGS tab in the side menu.

  2. Click NEW PUBLIC MEETING in the top right corner. A pop-up with meeting details will appear.

  3. Fill out the details of your meeting and designate a moderator.

  4. Click SAVE once you are done and your new meeting will show up on the meeting page.

Only the Admin can delete Public meetings.

Private Meeting

Private meetings can be created by anyone in the event and are only visible to the people included in them. As such you will not see private meetings created by event attendees that do not include you.

Creating a private meeting
  1. Navigating to the GROUP MEETINGS tab.
  2. Then clicking the NEW PRIVATE MEETING button.
  3. Fill in the meeting details, assign a moderator
  4. Click SAVE.

If you didn't include yourself in the private meeting you just made, you will not see it show up in the list.

Meetings can be deleted by clicking on the red trashcan icon on the meeting tile.

Private meetings only can be deleted by moderators and the Event Admin

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