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Event Admin

The Event Admin Role

The event admin has control over the entire event. They are able to invite others to the event, create sessions, edit event details, create public meetings and more!

However, the event admin will not be able to see private meetings or messages between users.

Editing Event Details and Information.

To edit the details of your event navigate to the DASHBOARD and click the pencil icon on the ribbon. Here you will be able to modify the images and other details of the event.

The time zone of the event will affect which time zone the sessions and other agenda items are created in.

Make sure you have set the correct time zone before creating agenda items. If you choose a different time zone, event times scheduled with your previous time zone will not change.

To edit the event summary and description click the pencil icon under the banner.

The pop-up window will allow you to edit additional event information.

Once your event is setup you will need to invite speakers so that you can start making sessions.

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