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Save Scene

Click **Save Button** | **SaveAs Button** will save the current scene. These buttons could be found in **File Menu**.


If current scene hasn't been saved, a popup will show, ask user to type the file name.

If current scene has been saved, it will be directly saved to the MtModel file.


A popup will show, ask user to type the file name.


If user select an existing file, Overwrite popup will show to ask user if they want to overwrite the current file.

If user click Overwrite, it will overwrite the file with the same name.

If user click Cancel, it will cancel the save process.

Materials / Animations / Meshes / Textures

If materials, animations, meshes or textures have been changed in current scene, they will be saved in the generated folders along with the mtmodel file.

The folder name will be combined with mtmodel's name and the type name of the assets with a "_".

For example, a user saved the scene as NewScene.mtmodel, then the changed materials will be saved in the folder next to the mtmodel file with the name "NewScene_Material".